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Flight for Resurrection


The Book of Gates

The Book of the Netherworld

The deceased’s person Soul takes flight and if their body was mummified correctly then the Soul will recognise it in the afterlife, and they can be reunited. This process is called the Flight for Resurrection, the deceased’s tomb was a resurrection machine and the guide for the trip is the Book of Gates.

In the Afterworld, the guide appears to them as the Sun God, Ra and the river which voyage follows is an afterlife version of the Nile. The Soul needs to pass through the 12 Gates, one for each hour of the night.

The Gates


The Gates are guarded by serpents who only let through those who are Pure and have enough magical strength or Heka, to pass from one level or the next level.


Pharaoh Seti I was the first to have a complete rendition of the Book of Gates inscribed on his Sarcophagus, but the practise ended with Ramses VII.


Throughout the Hours Ra rides in a Boat which is towed by 4 men and travels with Sia, the Personification of Perception, and Hu, the Personification of the Spoken Word.

The Hours


Hour 1 to Hour 6

Hour 1: Ra enters the Underworld

Hour 2: Ra is replenished by Serpents who spit Flames. This hour distinguishes the Blessed and the Damned

Hour 3: Ra is symbolically united with God Geb

Hour 4: The hour of the Lake of Uraei which is guarded by 12 Uraei

Hour 5: Ra strikes at Gods who are holding serpents

Hour 6: The Hall of Judgement where Osiris sits wearing the Double Crown. The Judgement of the Dead takes place immediately

Hour 7: Ra expels the negative elements

Hour 8: Ra receives provisions for those who are blessed

Hour 9: Ra passes through the water which is filled by people; some will be restored to vitality and some will be punished

Hour 10: Ra fights the Battle to subdue Apep

Hour 11: Ra has defeated Apep who is now bound and dismembered. The oarsmen make a rising up for Ra and Goddesses take rope and tow him into the Sky

Hour 12: Ra moves to make his exit from the Hours


Ra leaves the Underworld and emerges into the waters of Nun. “These 2 arms come forth from the waters, and they bear up the God.  The God takes his place in the Matete Boat with the Gods who are in it.  Nut received Ra”


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