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Old Kingdom Finds at Saqqara Necropolis

Imhotep Museum - Museums

Limestone Offering Table of Noble Meryreankh

Found in 2003 in Saqqara in the main Courtyard Tomb of Niankhnisut, the Table is carved as a Reed Mat with 2 holes for drinks to be poured into as part as the Offering Table

Limestone Food Boxes made in the shape of Geese

These would have held the mummified remains of either ducks or geese for the deceased to use in the Afterlife. Found in Abusir in the Tomb of Inti from the 6th Dynasty 

Limestone Relief depicting Artisans making stone Vases and Urns

Painted Limestone Pyramid Texts

Limestone Statue of Priest Atjema

Priest Atjema held the Titles, “God’s Servant of the Sun Temple of Sahure and Royal Wab Priest”

Limestone Statue of Scribe, Judge and Noble Ptahshepses

Found in his Tomb at Saqqara. On his lap, the Papyrus is a request for Offerings to be brought to his Tomb on Festivals

Wooden Statue of an Official

The Statue does not carry any inscriptions so no one knows for certain who it is. It was found in Pharaoh Teti’s Pyramid Cemetery at Saqqara

Wooden Head depicting Vizier and Chief Justice Imhotep for Pharaoh Djoser

Limestone False Door of Overseer Meri and his wife, Bebty

Found in the Cemetery next to Teti’s Pyramid Complex at Saqqara, this False Door would have been the focus for their Offering Cult 

Limestone Statue of a mid ranking Official


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