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Abydos, The First Cult Center

Capital Cities

When: In use from Pre-Dynastic Period, through 1st to 30th Dynasty

Where: 11 km West of the Nile


• Osirian Cult Centre
• 1st Dynasty Pharaohs buried
• Abydos boats constructed and buried
• Some 2nd Dynasty buried
• Funerary Complexes built by 3 Pharaohs of the 2nd Dynasty
• The Osirian Temple adjoined to Temple of Seti I

Map of Finds at Abydos

Tomb of the First Pharaohs

Necropolis of the Early Dynastic Pharaohs drom approx. 2900-2686 BC 

Great Temple of Abydos

7 Chapels built within the Temple for the worship of Seti I and the principal Gods

Mortuary Temple of Pharaoh Senwosret III

Allowing his cult to continue to pray for him after his death

S9 & S10 Burial Sites

Burial loctions for Pharaoh Neferhotep I and Pharaoh Sobekhotep IV


“Enduring are the places of Khakaure justified in Abydos”

Kom El Sultan

A large mud brick-built structure proposed to be part of the original settlement in the area

Shunet El Zebib

The “House of the Ka” for Pharaoh Khasekhemwy

Royal Egyptian Ceremonial Boats

The oldest ‘planked’ boat that has been discovered to date

Pyramid of Ahmose

Built as a Tribute and not a Tomb

Mahat Chapels of Mentuhotep II & Ramses I

Funerary Chapel for each of the Pharaohs 


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