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Building Achievements

Pharaoh Merneptah - 19th Dynasty - The Pharaohs - The People

“Beloved of Ptah, Joyous is Truth”, The Soul of Re, Beloved of the Gods”

Son of the Infamous Pharaoh Ramses II and Grandson of Pharaoh Seti I

Building Achievements


Pharaoh Merneptah ordered the following during his reign:

  • Additions to the Osirion at Abydos, click here to see the Osirion
  • Temple to the God Seth at Nubt, modern day Naqada
  • Inscriptions in the Temple of Montu
  • Additions to the Temple in Dendera, presumably to the Temple of Hathor here. To see more of the Ptolemaic Temple of Hathor at Dendera which was erected over the earlier Temple which Pharaoh Merneptah would have made additions to, click here
  • Stele in Nubia, southern Egypt
  • Rock Shrines to the west of Gebel el Silsila which depict him making offerings to the deities and his wife, Queen Isetnofret II, making offering to other deities
  • 3 Osiride Statues depicting the Pharaoh at Abydos, to see more of Abydos, click here
  • Some monuments in his father’s Capital city at Pi-Ramses
  • Victory Stela’s and Columns at Hermopolis, Heliopolis, and Kom el-Ahmar
  • Blocks at Elephantine Island, modern day Aswan
  • The restoration of Pharaoh Amenhotep III’s hawk at Abydos which had been damaged, to see more of Abydos, click here

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