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Mummification Museum

Thebes - The Places

What: The Museum concentrates on the art of Mummification

When: Established in 1997

Where: On the Corniche in Luxor, next to the River Nile

Why: To give an understanding about the complexities of Mummification in Ancient Egypt

What is in the Museum?

– Mummies of animals including

            Cats; Rams; Fish and Crocodiles

– Tools and Materials used in Mummification

– Canopic Jars
In the process of Mummification, Embalmers handled the Organs which were also dried out using Natron and then ritually placed into Canopic Jars which were guarded by the 4 sons of Horus and 4 Goddesses:

the Liver: guarded by God Imsety and Goddess Isis; Human headed Canopic Jar

the Lungs: guarded by God Hapi and Goddess Nephthys: Baboon headed Canopic Jar

the Intestines: guarded by God Qubehsenuf and Goddess Selket; Falcon headed Canopic Jar

the Stomach: guarded by God Duamutef and Goddess Neith: Jackal headed Canopic Jar

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– Shabtis and Amulets

– Coffins and their human occupants


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