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The Workers

The People

Who built Ancient Egypt’s Massive Monuments in Stone? Who built the lost Mudbrick Palaces?

Tomb Workers

Living in the Village at Deir el Medina and working in groups of approx. 60 Workers around the Valley of the Kings,  the Valley of the Queens, and the Valley of the Nobles; they worked exclusively for Pharaoh, the Royals and High Officials; on their Tombs, before attending to their own burial places.

Pyramid Workers

There were three types of Workers needed to complete any of Pharaoh’s great building projects: Skilled Workers, Seasonal Workers and Supporting Workers. The jobs allocated, but not limited to, were as follows . . . . .

Palace Workers

Who helped to build the Palaces which are now under the sands of Egypt? Click on the Image to find out. 

Memphite Workers

The Workers needed in Memphis were Stone Masons, Plasterers, Draftsmen, Sculptors and Carvers . . . . .

Temple Workers

Who built the Temples? Who worked in the Temples? Who kept the Deities happy?

Abydos Workers

The Workers who helped to build and keep the First Pharaoh’s Necropoli intact


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