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Worker's Huts

Village of the Artisans - The Valleys - The Places

What: 2 roomed Huts for the Workers to “camp out” in after their daily work whilst they were in one of the Valleys in the Theban Necropolis

Where: Top of the Cliffs near the Valley of the Kings; separated into 2 groups by the pathway, referred to now as the East Huts and the West Huts, these were further divided into 4 clusters. Localised to the Rock Shrines, click here for more information.   

The views were vast and can be presumed to be quite breath taking at sunset and sunrise

When: Used throughout the year by the Workers. Their working day was 2 shifts of approx. 4 hours with a lunch break, and their “working week” was 8 days onsite with 2 days off at the end. Overnight on their working days, the shifts spent their evenings together in their Worker’s Huts rather than return to their Village at Deir el Medina. For more details about their working times and conditions, click here. 

Used by:

The huts are built to similar specifications of the Village at Deir el Medina so it can be theorised that these were maintained if not built by the same groups of builders

Why: To provide a safe refuge for the workers and to save time and resources for the tired Workers and Artisans walking from and back to the Village every evening; also, to keep them focused with their work gangs. The Huts were supplied with ready prepared food, water and all necessary bedding from the Village

Layout: From what archaeologists have ascertained, each of the Huts had 2 rooms presumed to be an inner sleeping chamber and an outer chamber with Limestone “U” shaped seating along its walls. As a caveat, one of the Scribe’s during Pharaoh Ramses II’s reign had a 3 roomed Hut for his own use


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