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First Hall in Nefertari's Small Temple

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The First Hall or Hathor’s Hall

The Hypostyle Hall is graced with 6 Goddess Hathor Headed Pillars depicting Nefertari playing the Sistrum with the Goddesses:

  • Hathor, Goddess of love & music, protector of women
    and who the Temple is dedicated to
  • Isis, Goddess of Life and Magic
  • Maat, Goddess of Truth and Justice
  • Mut, Goddess of the sky and queen of the god and goddesses
  • Satis, Goddess of Archery
  • Taweret, Goddess of Childbirth

And the Gods:

Horus, God of the Sky and Protector of the Pharaoh and Khnum, God of the Nile and Khonsu, God of the Moon and Thoth, God of Wisdom


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