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King’s Lieutenant, Noble Yuya

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Noble Yuya

Father to Queen Tiye, Grandfather to Pharaoh Akhenaten, Great Grandfather to Pharaoh Tutankhamun and Father to Pharaoh Ay 

Noble Yuya’s Gilded Mummy Mask


Yuya’s parents or family are not known to date, but it is thought that his ancestry may stem from outside of Egypt but that Yuya himself was at least 4th generation Egyptian born.

Yuya was married to Thuya who herself held at the very least a Noble heritage although a tentative grasp can be made to link her as a descendant of Queen Ahmose Nefertari. Who with her husband Pharaoh Ahmose I were the founders of the 18th Dynasty. Click here for details about Lady Thuya




“Priest and Prophet of the God Min”; 

“Commander of the Chariotry”; 

“Superintendent of Oxen for the God Min”; 

“King’s Lieutenant”; 

“Master of the Horse”; 

“Father of the God”



As with much of ancient history, there is no definitive account of Yuya. It is believed that he was born and owned an Estate in the Town of Akhmim, Upper Egypt, where he retained a good status within the local nobility. He was known to be a Prophet of God Min who ruled the deities in the area, and he was granted the role of “Superintendent of Cattle” for the Deity.

When Tiye married Pharaoh Amenhotep III, Noble Yuya was elevated to become one of Pharaoh’s Chief Advisors within the Royal Palace. It can be hypothesized that Yuya would have been involved in Pharaoh’s project for the construction of a complete City Complex at Malkata. For details about Malkata Palace City Complex, click here. 



Noble Yuya died in his mid to late 50s, he was buried with his pre-deceased wife in KV46 in the Valley of the Kings. Regrettably the Tomb was robbed in antiquity but on its discovery in 1905 it was the most intact and magnificently preserved of Tombs, only outshone by the Tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun. For full details about their Tomb, click here. 

Image Above: Chair of Princess Sitamun – Found in her Grandparent’s Tomb – Noble Yuya and Lady Thuya

Image Below: Malkata Palace


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