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2nd Dynasty Pharaohs

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Pharaoh Hotepsekhemwy
Founder of the Second Egyptian Dynasty who reigned for over 25 years but no more than 29 years. His name and it seems that his Reign were wrapped up in the reunification of Upper and Lower Egypt. For example, it seems that he ordered the restoration of the First Dynasty plundered Tomb of Pharaoh Ka’a. The location of his own Tomb has never been found although some Egyptologists believe that he is buried under what is now the site of Pharaoh Unas’ Pyramid.

Pharaoh Nebra
Reigned for approx. 12 years and was the second Pharaoh of the 2nd Dynasty. He is the second Pharaoh thought to be buried under what is now the site of Pharaoh Unas’ Pyramid. It is thought that he may have intentionally divided Egypt due to some kind of natural catastrophe, maybe a few years of repeated famines, and Pharaoh decided that smaller States rather than a large unified country could do better on avoiding these kinds of extreme events in the future.

Pharaoh Nynetjer
The Pharaoh reigned for roughly 45 years and his Tomb has been located under what is now the site of Pharaoh Unas’ Pyramid.

Pharaoh’s whose reigns ran for uncertain lengths, may have run concurrently in different unified states within Egypt and were not always included in the King’s Lists:


  • Weneg                                   may have ruled for 12 years
  • Senedj                                   may have ruled for 41 years
  • Seth-Peribsen                      he probably ruled part of a divided Egypt – his Tomb is in Abydos
  • Sekhemib-Perenmaat        probably only ruled over Upper Egypt
  • Neferkare I                           may have ruled for 25 years
  • Neferkasokar                       he probably ruled over Lower Egypt
  • Hudjefa I                               may have ruled for 11 years

Pharaoh Khasekhemwy

He ruled for 18 years and was the last Pharaoh of the 2nd Dynasty of Ancient Egypt. Egyptologists do know that he led several military campaigns and had the mudbrick Fort at Shunet El Zebib built.

He reunited Egypt after the individual States seemed to turn on each other and start a Civil War based on whether they followed the God Horus or the God Set.

He was the father of his Successor, Pharaoh Djoser and Pharaoh Djoser’s sister-wife, Queen Hetephernebti.


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