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Ra’s Daily Solar Journey


Ra’s form in the morning was the Scarab-faced God, Khepri, who represents the rising or morning sun

By Midday, Ra had transformed into God Ra-Horakhty, the Falcon Headed God with the noonday sun on his head

Ra’s form by evening was the God Atum, the complete one

At the commencement of every day, Sun God Ra is born in the East through the Akhet, the Horizon, when Ra has eaten all other deities.  Ra uses their energy to rise to the height of his power at midday and then he slowly dies in the West through the Akhet.

After dark, Sun God Ra, travels through the Duat from the West to rise again in the East at the Akhet. Ra’s nightly journey is carried out on his Solar Barque with the assistance of his fellow Deities and Deified Pharaohs who he spits back out at sunset, having swallowed them at Dawn.

To complete his nightly journey, Ra must fight and overcome copious obstacles in order to ensure the maintenance of Ma’at throughout the night. Ra’s largest obstacle, in size as well as ferocity, was the Serpent God Apep.

Apep represents disorder and destruction, and in doing so is a threat to Ma’at that neither the Deities nor the Egyptian People could allow to happen.

Using the Deities as his guide and as his assistants, Ra uses his own and their powers to defeat all opposition to his route to rebirth at dawn.

This is the same as the Soul’s journey through the Duat to Aaru, the Field of Reeds.

Throughout his time in the Duat, Ra brings his sunny light to it, stimulating all those with blessed Ka’s and smiting those who subverted the rule of Ma’at during their earthly lives into dark pits or lakes of fire.

The Deities are shown at Night in the Stars and ensure that Ra is born to rise again. This proves to the Egyptians where the other Deities are during the Day when the stars are no longer visible to them by eye.


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