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Hypostyle Hall

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After the Sun Court comes the 32 Columned Hypostyle Hall, again built by Pharaoh Amenhotep III. Each Column was originally highly decorated but much of this decoration has now been lost.

Beyond the Hall is the original first room used for the Opet Festival: it had 8 Columns in each of its 4 rows with each leading to one of the Temple’s interior and sacred rooms. See the next page for details about the Inner Sanctum.

The Birth Room

On the eastern side a doorway leads into 2 separate Chambers: one of these is known as the “Birth Room of Pharaoh Amenhotep III” proving his kingship to rule as a child of the Deities.

This is the last section of the Temple that Pharaoh Amenhotep III built during the latter part of his 40-year reign.

Immediately behind the God Amun’s Cult Sanctuary, Pharaoh Alexander the Great, built his own Barque Shrine to the God Amun and decorated it with Reliefs showing him as an Egyptian Pharaoh.


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