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The Day : The Night


The Day

Composed by the God Ra: God of the Sun and responsible, in part, for the rising of the Sun to the setting of the Sun

If the sun rose, then Ra has given life to another day; another chance for the crops to grow; the populace to work and the Pharaoh and Temples to ensure that Ma’at reigned

Ra’s prosperous offering of the Day was only belittled on the Unlucky Days which the Hour Hemnetjer or Astronomers would ascertain. These days could be compensated for by enacting less trade and more spiritual matters.

The Night

Composed by the Journey of the deceased Pharaoh. The guide for this Journey was known as the Amduat or The Book of the Netherworld.

It escorted the reader through the Netherworld on Ra’s Sun Boat and advised how Pharaoh’s victory over the numerous perils and pitfalls would allow Ra to raise his symbol of the Sun each morning.


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