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Exterior of Great Temple, Abu Simbel

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The 55-meter-long facade is finished at its top with a frieze of 22 sun worshipping Baboons

The Temple’s outer face has four colossal 20-meter Statues of Pharaoh Ramses II wearing the Double Crown of Lower and Upper Egypt. For more information about the Crowns of Egypt, click here.

The large statues are all of the Pharaoh with one which has been damaged by an earthquake


The statues in between the legs of Ramses II are:
1.) Chief Royal Wife, Nefertari
2.) Ramses’ mother, Mut-Tuya “Tuya”
3.)Amunherkhepeshef: Crown Prince and Commander of the Troops
4.) Ramses: Crown Prince after the death of his half-brother
5.) Princess Bintanath, Princess Baketmut, Princess Nefertari, Princess Meritamen, Princess Nebettawy & Princess Isetnofret

Reliefs showing the enemies of Egypt captured

Graffiti etched on the outside of the Great Temple

Cartouche of Pharaoh Ramses II


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