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Horus Temple : The Forecourt

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The Forecourt

Inside the Temple you first arrive at the Forecourt or First Court, which is sometimes referred to as the Court of Offerings. Originally there would have been an Altar in the Forecourt for offerings to be collected and made to the God Horus.

The Court itself has 32 Columns which edge it all around the Court apart from the rear of the Pylon.

The Columns are all decorated with the Deities, mainly Horus and his Deity wife, Hathor, and the Pharaohs as well as Hieroglyphs and are all topped with different Flowers, Palms or Plants.

Whilst the outer Walls are decorated with hieroglyphs that are referred to by Egyptologists as the, “Feast of the Beautiful Meeting”. This depicts the yearly “meeting” between the God Horus of Edfu Temple and his Deity Wife, the Goddess Hathor of Dendera Temple. They would meet to rejuvenate their marriage and conjugal relations.

Just before the entrance to the Outer Hypostyle Hall are 2 further Statues of the God Horus, the black granite statue wears the Double Crown of Egypt.

Come with me as I guide you round the Layout of this stunning Temple. To do this, simply click on the part of the Temple below you would like to visit:



The Pylon         The Forecourt         Outer Hypostyle Hall         Inner Hypostyle Hall & Corridor

Inner Sanctum         Passage of Victory & Nilometer         Birth House


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