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The Ancient Soul


The Soul is thought to be immortal. Each Egyptian is an Eternal being whose stay on earth was only one part of a larger and more important journey.

Their Soul consists of 9 different parts

  • KHAT                           The Physical body
  • KA                                The Double form
  • BA                                Human headed bird who flies between Heaven & Earth
  • SHUYET                       Shadow self
  • AKH                             Immortal, the Transformed self
  • SAHU & SECHEM       Aspects of the Akh
  • AB                                Heart: Source of Good and Evil
  • REN                             The Secret name


All 9 Aspects are part of an Egyptian’s earthly existence.

The deceased’s Tomb works as a Resurrection Machine and this is why they are highly decorated and contain Tomb Goods which show the way in which the deceased wants to be viewed, treated and live in the Afterlife. For more information about Tombs, click here.

When the Soul first awakes in the Afterlife it could be disorientated and confused. This is why most tombs and some coffins are painted with the journey to the Afterlife. To remind the Soul of its life on the Earth and directions on how to proceed to the Afterlife.


The Physical Body


The Double Form


Human Headed Bird


The Immortal


The Secret Name


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