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Dynasty 20 Queens

New Kingdom Queens - Great Royal Wives - The People

Little is known about the wives of this 20th Dynasty versus those in the 18th and 19th Dynasties.

What has been learned from the documentation and building reliefs which remain are shown below.

Queen Tiy-Merenese

Daughter of Pharaoh Merneptah and the only known wife to Pharaoh Setnakhte which was unusual compared to her 18th and 19th Dynasty predecessors. Queen Tiy-Merenese and Pharaoh Setnakhte were the parents of Pharaoh Ramses III the next Pharaoh of this 20th Dynasty

Queen Tiye

Married to Pharaoh Ramses III, one of two Great Royal Wives for Pharaoh, their family were Princess Duatentopet, Prince Pentawere, Prince Khaemwaset, Prince Meryatum, future Pharaoh Ramses VIII, and Prince Montuherkhopshef

Queen Iset Ta-Hemdjert

Married to Pharaoh Ramses III, one of two Great Royal Wives for Pharaoh, together they had the children Prince Amunherkhepeshef, future Pharaoh Ramses IV and future Pharaoh Ramses VI, Prince Meryamun, and Prince Pareherwenemef

Minor Queen Tiy

Married to Pharaoh Ramses III, she was a minor wife who is infamous for her part in the Harem Conspiracy during which she conspired to kill her husband and King and put her hierarchal lower based son on the Throne, her son was Prince Pentawere

Queen Duatentopet

Wife of Pharaoh Ramses IV and probably his half-sister, together they were the parents of Pharaoh Ramses V

Queen Nubkhesbed

Wife of Pharaoh Ramses VI, together they reigned from the Capital City of Pi-Ramses for roughly 8 years. Their children included the future Pharaohs Ramses VII and Ramses IX, Princess Iset and the Princes Amunherkhepeshef and Panebenkemyt

Queen Henutwati

Married to Pharaoh Ramses V, little to nothing is known about this Queen

There are no clear names for the wives of Pharaoh Ramses VII and Pharaoh Ramses VIII

Queen Baketwernel

Married to Pharaoh Ramses IX, she was buried in usurper-pharaoh Amenmesse’s King’s Valley Tomb, KV10 which was partly redecorated before she was interred

Queen Tentamun

Married to Pharaoh Ramses XI and together they were the parents of Princess Duathathor-Henuttawy who married Theban High Priest of Amun, Pinedjem I

Queen Tyti

Wife of Pharaoh Ramses X. Perhaps she was a separate person to the Queen Tyi who was married to Pharaoh Ramses III, but if she was not, then we do not currently have a record of a wife for Pharaoh Ramses X

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