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Queen Mutnedjmet

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Great Royal Wife, Queen Mutnedjmet


Her Mother was Princess Duathathor-Henuttawy, the daughter of Pharaoh Ramses XI who was the disjointed ruler of the 20th Dynasty. Her Father was High Priest of the God Amun at Thebes Pinedjem I. He was the Ruler of Southern Egypt from Thebes while the disputed Libyan Pharaohs ruled the North from Tanis. In approx. 1054 BC Pinedjem I declared himself Pharaoh and his daughter became Princess Mutnedjmet.

She was one of a number of Siblings and 3 of her brothers succeeded their father and because High Priests of Amun whilst one of her sister’s was raised to become a High Priestess or a God’s Wife of Amun.

Princess Mutnedjmet married her brother, the Pharaoh Psusennes I, and became Great Royal Wife, Queen Mutnedjmet of the 21st Dynasty. Her husband and brother is best known for being the famous Tanite Silver Pharaoh. Click here to learn more about this Silver Legacy or click here to see the Silver Legacy!

It cannot be confirmed but it is tentatively realistic that Queen Mutnedjmet was the mother of her husband’s successor, Pharaoh Amenemope.



“Great Royal Wife”
“King’s Sister”
“Second Prophet of Amun in Tanis”
“King’s Daughter of His Body”
“Lady of the Two Lands”


Queen Mutnedjmet was originally interred in her husband’s Tomb in Tanis, but her space was supplanted by Pharaoh Amenemope, perhaps her own son. If this is the case, it would be unusual for a son to not rebury his mother and former Queen without much ceremony in her own Tomb. If this is the case then this has yet to be found, along with her Mummy, although Shabtis from her Tomb have been found on the Antiquities markets in Egypt so it may be that modern Tomb Robbers have found her second resting place.


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