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The World’s First Known Architect

Known in Egypt as the Vizier and High Priest for Pharaoh Djoser during the 3rd Dynasty, he was also as Architect, an Engineer and a Physician who wrote a Medical Treatise that theorised that diseases occurred naturally rather than as a punishment for a human’s sins on earth. He was so revered that he was assigned with a divine status after his death.

As an Architect he personally designed and oversaw the construction of Pharaoh Djoser’s Step Pyramid at Saqqara, the precursor to the Pyramids at Giza. He moved away from the basic stone or mud brick erected buildings to create the massive Step Pyramid, the highest building in Egypt at the time, which changed the way nearly every Pharaoh following Djoser looked at building their own memorial monuments.

It is presumed that in order to complete this building first, Imhotep also had to create new methods and maybe tools in ensure the completion of his architectural vision.

Imhotep’s complete list of titles was:

  • Vizier
  • Chancellor of the King of Egypt
  • First in Line After the King of Upper Egypt
  • Doctor
  • Hereditary Nobleman
  • Administrator of the Great Palace
  • Chief Carpenter
  • Chief Sculptor
  • Builder
  • Chief Maker of Vases