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Horus Temple : The Pylon

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The Pylon

The Pylon was built to be 36 meters high and is decorated with the standard Deities and the warlike Reliefs of Pharaoh Ptolemy XII smiting the enemies of Egypt and is depicted as pulling their hair, ready to smash their skulls with the might of Egypt.

The Pylon’s walkway through to the Forecourt is flanked by 2 Statues of the God Horus in his animalistic falcon format.

Come with me as I guide you round the Layout of this stunning Temple. To do this, simply click on the part of the Temple below you would like to visit:



The Pylon         The Forecourt         Outer Hypostyle Hall         Inner Hypostyle Hall & Corridor

Inner Sanctum         Passage of Victory & Nilometer         Birth House


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