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Pharaohs Ramses VII and VIII

20th Dynasty - The Pharaohs - The People

Pharaoh Ramses VII was son of his predecessor, Pharaoh Ramses VI and Queen Nubkhesbed, and he reigned for approximately 7 years commencing in 1136 BC.

At this juncture all we really know is that the price of grain escalated significantly, pointing towards bad flood levels again, and that this led to a tumultuous reign, indicating that power was slipping away from the Royal who had gifted much of Egypt’s fertile land to the Temples, whose High Priest of Amun now held much of their former wealth and power.

Pharaoh Ramses VII was buried in King’s Valley Tomb, KV1 but may well have been moved to the Mummy Cache in Tomb DB320 where 4 of the Pharaoh’s inscribed cups were located.

Pharaoh Ramses VIII succeeded his nephew Pharaoh Ramses VII to the Throne and ruled for one year. He was the son of Pharaoh Ramses III and Queen Tiye and remains an ever-shadowy figure and currently neither his Tomb nor his remains have been found.


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