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What was in Tanis?

Tanis - Capital Cities

Tanis was organised into strict Districts

The Temple District
– Surrounded by a Brick Wall
– Great Temple of God Amun Ra; the main Temple for the Theban Triad who were re-adopted by the Capital City of Tanis. The other two deities in the Triad were the Goddess Mut and God Khonsu who had Minor Temples associated with them, as well as a Temple to Astarte
– Thought to include a Sed Festival Temple
– Sacred Lake in the Temple of the Goddess Mut which was discovered in 2009; lined with Limestone Blocks and was 15m long, 12m wide and 5m deep
– Temple of Khonsu-Neferhotep
– Royal Necropolis from the 3rd Intermediate Period, 1,069-945BC, 3 of which survived Tomb Raiders from their own and later time periods

The Residential District

– A large residential district
– Temple of Amenemopet
– Cemetery for the regular citizens

The rest of the Capital has yet to be excavated fully as much of it is under a current town of San al-Hagar

Illustration of Great Temple of Amun, Tanis 


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