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Ma'at: Primary Belief


The Primary Belief of the Ancient Egyptians was that of Ma’at. 

The worldly and afterlife core that was the central guide of Egyptian life and religion.

Ma’at was so important that the concept was brought to life as a Goddess. The Goddess of Truth and Balance.

In addition to truth, she embodies harmony, balance and divine order.

She ranks as one of the highest Ancient Egyptian Deities.

As Goddess, she is married to the God Thoth, and is the daughter of the God Ra, the Sun God.

In Egyptian legends, it is Ma’at who steps in after the universe is created and brings harmony from chaos and disorder.

It is her that Egyptians must follow in their daily lives and her Feather that they must answer to in the Hall of Two Truths on their death. To learn more about this, click here. 

The head of ensuring the rule of Ma’at was followed throughout Egypt was Pharaoh. To learn more about this, click here. 


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