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The Builders - Builders & Buildings

Ancient Egypt’s Monumental Dreamers in Stone


The Architects from ancient times are not always known. It appears that Pharaoh’s appointed Vizier was often involved in any building project although this may have been in a administrative overseer capacity rather than as the actual Architect for the project.

 This differs in a few cases that Egyptologists are aware of and these are the Architects that we today have some information about. These are


Architect for Pharaoh Amenhotep III


Architect for Pharaohs Khufu & Khafre


Architect for Pharaoh Hatshepsut


Architect for Pharaoh Djoser


Architect for Pharaoh Khufu

The projects that they were in charge of would have included:

  • Pyramids
  • Tombs
  • Temples
  • Shrines
  • Remains of Town and Cities
  • Fortresses
  • Mastabas


Some of the individual pieces of Architect which would have needed to be planned were:

  • Columns
  • Pylons
  • Walls
  • Statues
  • Obelisks

Other discovered Architects

Neferhotep succeeded his father and grandfather as an Architect and Builder for the Royals, working for King Ramses II. He oversaw the work carried out in the Valley of the Kings and lived in Deir el Medina. His line ended with him as apparently had no living child to pass his work and knowledge on to 


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