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Why Bulls in the Serapeum?

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Why Bulls? And why are they called Apis Bulls?

Son of the Goddess Hathor whose animalistic form is a Cow, the Bull was primarily worshipped in Memphis in the Nile Delta and associated with the God Ptah; the Head of the Memphite Triad of Deities and whose animalistic form was a Bull – click here for further details about the Memphite Triad. The Bull was often represented in its animalistic form whilst wearing the Sun Disk of his mother, Goddess Hathor, between his horns.

Reigning Pharaohs were given the Title, “Strong Bull of his mother Hathor”, as this envisioned a courageous heart, fighting spirit and great strength for the Ruler as well as conjuring solid Fertility links. Pharaohs were often portrayed with Bull tails attached to their clothing and used the Bulls as part of their Heb Sed Festivals to reaffirm and celebrate Pharaoh’s revitalisation as a living deity. For more information about the Heb Sed Festival, click here.


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