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Building Achievements

Pharaoh Seti I - The Pharaohs - The People

Temple to the Goddess Hathor, Deir el Medina

Click on the Image to visit the Temple which Pharaoh Seti I built and dedicated to the Goddess Hathor for the Artisans who lived in the Village of Deir el Medina

Additions to Karnak Temple

Click on the Image to visit the Hypostyle Hall at Karnak Temple

Pharaoh’s Theban Mortuary Temple

Pharaoh Seti I constructed 2 Mortuary Temples. The First was in Abydos, see below, and the Second is on the Theban Necropolis but it is nowhere near as complex as Mortuary Temples were in this period.

That may have been due to Pharaoh’s short reign. Meaning that he did not have the time to complete this Mortuary Temple to its full extent and it may have been his son, Pharaoh Ramses II, completed this Mortuary Temple on his father’s behalf.

As Pharaoh Seti I’s father, Pharaoh Ramses I, failed to erect any sort of Mortuary Temple during his short reign, it appears that Pharaoh Seti I decided to dedicate one of the Chambers inside the Temple to his father as a Shrine. 

Regrettably, most of this Theban Mortuary Temple is now under the modern town of Qurna and the remains are ruins.

Pharaoh’s Great Temple at Abydos

The Great Temple

Click on the Image to visit Pharaoh Seti I’s Great Temple at Abydos, including the King’s List and the Osireion


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