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Philae: The First Courtyard

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The First Courtyard & Birth House

Entering through the First Pylon brings you to the First Court or First Courtyard. The main building in the Courtyard is the Birth House which is dedicated to the God Horus, the son of the Goddess Isis and God Osiris.

The Birth House is surrounded on all sides by Columns which are all topped by Flowers or Plants, such as Palm Trees. Egyptologists know that many of the Ptolemaic Pharaohs confirmed their legacy to reign by taking part in celebrations inside the Birth House, including re-enacting the Legend of Osiris, in particular, the scene where the Goddess Isis gives birth to her son, the God Horus in the marshes. In taking part in these celebrations, the Pharaohs are confirming that they are the mortal descendants of the God Horus.


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Outer Courtyard, East & West Colonnades and Chapels                        First Pylon                   First Courtyard and Birth House

                Second Pylon                                                                                Hypostyle Hall                          Inner Sanctum

Other Areas, including:   Kiosk of Nectanebo      &     Gateway of Hadrian      &      Temple of Hathor      &       Kiosk of Trajan


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