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Temple of Horemheb, Gebel el Silsila

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What: Rock Cut Temple 

Who: Commissioned by Pharaoh Horemheb, last pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty 

When: Between 1319 – 1292BC

Where: Quarry of Gebel El Silsila

Dedicated to the God Amun and 6 other Gods associated with the Nile and the Aswan area, and Horemheb himself 

The Temple was accessed via steps from the Nile. It has 5 openings formed by 4 pillars. Inside there is a vaulted hall that leads to the sanctuary. In the sanctuary are the 7 Statues of the Gods and the Pharaoh Horemheb

As with other Temples, all walls are covered in reliefs and inscriptions

Pharaoh Horemheb never completed the Temple and so the inscriptions were finalised by different Pharaohs and Nobles

2 of the Scenes are worth investigating:
1.) Victory of Horemheb shows the Pharaoh being carried on his lion-throne after a Nubian campaign, with his retinue and Nubian captives

2.) Goddess Tauret shows the Goddess in a rare human-headed form suckling a young Horemheb

The Great Speos also contains 2 chapels dedicated to the Nile, which belonged to 2 Viziers. One to the Vizier to Merenptah, called Panehesy, namely the Chapel of Panehesy and one to the Vizier to Ramesses II, called Paser, namely the Chapel of Paser.


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