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S9 & S10: Burial Sites of the Pharaohs

Abydos - Capital Cities

Both these Burials are within the Abydos Necropoli enclosure and thought to belong to brothers, Pharaoh Neferhotep I (Burial Site S9) and Pharaoh Sobekhotep IV (Burial Site S10).

S9: Pharaoh Neferhotep I’s Tomb had an enclosure which was surrounded by subterranean chambers. There is a small chance that it was once topped by a pyramid structure.

S10: Pharaoh Sobekhotep IV’s Tomb had an enclosure surrounding with “Z” shaped subterranean chambers, again, there is an outside chance that it was once topped by a pyramid structure.

Both Tombs were extensively robbed of their building materials as well as their grave goods which is why these Tombs can only be ‘attributed’ to the Pharaonic Brother. The robbers were State sanctioned and occurred a matter of years after the Tombs ‘use’ for the Pharaoh during the governmental chaos that ensured in Egypt’s Second Intermediate Period. The Tombs were once again looted and maybe used as meeting places during Roman and Coptic times.


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