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Wah Sut

Abydos - Capital Cities

Enduring are the Places of Khakaure

What: Settlement for the construction workers in and around the funerary complex of Pharaoh Senwosret III and Mortuary Temple Complex

When: 12th Dynasty and abandoned at the end of the 13th Dynasty or after the 18th Dynasty

Discovered by Charles Trick Currelly, Arthur E. P. Weigall, Ayrton and Flinders Petrie in 1901/02

Where: 11 km West of the Nile

Much of ancient Wah-Sut lies under the modern area:

  • Mayor’s House and Official Offices surround a Courtyard
  • 10-block granary
  • Subterranean water supply chamber
  • Series of storage structures
  • Elite houses: large houses but not as large as the Mayor’s Units

Map of the Finds at Abydos


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