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TT280 - Tomb of Chancellor & High Steward Meketre

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Meketre was a Chancellor and Chief Steward for Pharaoh Mentuhotep II, who reunited Egypt after the First Intermediate Period, and Pharaoh Mentuhotep III, his son who began explorations in to Punt after arriving on the Throne at a relatively old age and subsequently ruled for 12 years. Both Pharaohs built their Mortuary Temples at Deir el Bahri, close to where Noble Meketre’s Tomb was located. Pharaoh Mentuhotep II’s Mortuary Temple can be discovered by clicking here, whilst Pharaoh Mentuhotep III never finished his own Mortuary Temple which was due to sit side-by-side with his fathers.

From his Tomb we have learnt that, despite being ransacked by robbers in antiquity, one room remained undisturbed, and this contained clay models which showed scenes from the work undertaken on Meketre’s estate. These have given researchers valuable insights into daily life in Ancient Egyptian Agricultural life.


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