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The Great Nine - The Ennead


What:              The Great Ennead or the great Nine, known as the Pesedjet

Where:            Worshipped at Heliopolis

When:             Old Kingdom to Ptolemaic Period


The Story

Sun God Atum was the first of the Gods to escape the Primordial Chaos and found himself sat on the first Mound which the Ogdoad had created.

He conceived his children, the God Shu, representing Air, and the Goddess Tefnut, representing Moisture.

In turn his children procreated and produced the God of the Earth, Geb and the Goddess of the Night’s Sky, Nut.

Geb and Nut become the parents of:

  • God Osiris, representing (at this juncture) Fertility with his Sister and Wife the Goddess Isis who represented the Ma’at
  • God Set, representing Chaos with his Sister and Wife the Goddess Nephthys who represents the Night and the time for Mourning the Deceased


In turn, Osiris and Isis have the child God Horus (the Younger) who represents the Sky and Kingship, & Set and Nephthys have the child God Anubis, the God of Death and Mummification.


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