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The Cheaper Mummification Process

Human Mummification Process - Mummification - Beliefs

The Khat, or physical body, is taken to the Ibu, or place of purification, where the Embalmers take over possession of the Khat.

They work immediately to cease the decomposition of the Khat by inserting a plug into the rectum to stop leakages before injecting Cedar Tree Oil into the Khat’s abdomen. This had the effect of liquefying and disinfecting the torso and thus eliminating the need for further processes and Canopic Jars.

Natron Salts were used for 70 Days to remove the hydration from the Khat and after the drying period, the oils and other liquid was removed via the rectum.

The mummified Khat was returned by the Embalmers to the Family for burial.


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