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22nd Dynasty Pharaohs

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What we know about the Pharaohs of the Third Intermediate Period

Dynasty 22 was commenced by the Army Commander-in-Chief and Chief Advisor to former Pharaoh, Pharaoh Psusennes II. His name was Pharaoh Shoshenq I.

His ancestry comes from ancient Libyan lines who had been settled in Egypt probably during the reign of Pharaoh Ramses III during Egypt’s 20th Dynasty. To unite the country his eldest son became Crown Prince Osorkon, his second son was promoted to High Priest of Amun in Thebes, Commander of the Army, and Governor of Upper Egypt, Iuput A, and his third son was the Leader of the Army in Middle Egypt, Nimlot B. Egypt was now reunited to be ruled in one family unit which rule lasted for over 100 years.

The country was divided again after the reign of Pharaoh Osorkon II, and the 23rd Dynasty ruled from Thebes in Upper Egypt whilst the 22nd Dynasty remained ruling Lower Egypt from Tanis.

Pharaoh Shoshenq I

Notes: Founder of the 22nd Dynasty: He had been Commander-in-Chief of the Army and Chief Advisor to Pharaoh Psusennes II
Parents: Mother, Tentsepeh A and Father, Nimlot A, the brother of Pharaoh Osorkon the Elder; Born: Unknown; Spouse: Karomama A; Children: Pharaoh Osorkon I
Throne Name: Hedjkheperre-Setepenre; Reign: 943–922 BC; Died: 922BC; Buried: NRT3, Tanis

Pharaoh Osorkon I

Parents: Great Royal Wife Karomama A and Pharaoh Shoshenq I; Born: Unknown; Spouse: Chief Royal Wife Princess Maatkare B, Pharaoh Psusennes II’s daughter: & Tashedkhonsu; Children: Pharaoh Shoshenq II with Tashedkhonsu and Pharaoh Takelot I with Maatkare B; Throne Name: Sekhemkheperre-Setepenre; Reign: 922–887 BC; Died: 887BC; Buried: NRT3, Tanis; Monuments: Temple Building Projects

Pharaoh Shoshenq II

Parents: Tashedkhons and Pharaoh Osorkon I; Born: Unknown; Spouse: Nesitaudjatakhet; Children: Prince Osorkon D
Throne Name: Heqakheperre-Setepenre; Reign: 887–885 BC; Died: 885BC due to Sepsis from a Head Wound; Buried: Unknown; Reburied: NRT3, Tanis

Pharaoh Takelot I

Parents: Pharaoh Osorkon I; Born: Unknown; Spouse: Kapes; Children: Osorkon II; Throne Name: Hedjkheperre-Setepenre; Reign: 885–872 BC; Died: 872BC; Buried: NRT1, Tanis with his Father, Pharaoh Osorkon I. He was buried in his own quartzite Sarcophagus with Shabtis for his Afterlife use and Alabaster Jars
Thebes Contemporary: Pharaoh Harsiese I

Dynasty 23 of Ancient Egypt emerged in Thebes in 880BC, during the middle of Pharaoh Takelot I’s reign, to learn more about this Dynasty, click here

Pharaoh Osorkon II

Parents: Pharaoh Osorkon I and Great Royal Wife Kapes; Born: Unknown; Spouse: Karomama I; Isetemkheb; Djedmutesakh IV and Mutemhat; Children: Nimlot C, a son of Djedmutesakh IV, he became High Priest of Amun and was the Father to Pharaoh Takelot II; Princess Tjesbastperu, daughter of Isetemkheb who married Takelot B, a High Priest of Ptah; Prince Shoshenq D High Priest of Ptah; Prince Hornakht High Priest of Amun in Tanis; Princess Tashakheper, God’s wife of Amun; Princess Karomama C, God’s wife of Amun; and Princess Taiirmer; Throne Name: Usermaatre-Setepenamun; Reign: 872–837 BC; Died: 837BC; Buried: NRT1, Tanis but the Tomb has been robbed. He was buried with his grandson, Pharaoh Takelot II who had his own quartzite Sarcophagus with Shabtis for his Afterlife use and Alabaster Jars

Thebes Contemporary: Pharaoh Harsiese I

Pharaoh Shoshenq III

Parents: Unknown; Born: Unknown; Spouse: Djedbastesankh, daughter of Takelot, a High Priest of Ptah at Memphis; Children: Ankhesen-Shoshenq, Bakennefi A, Pashedbast B, Pimay, Takelot C; Throne Name: Usermaatre-Setepenre; Reign: 837–798 BC; Died: 798BC; Buried: NRT3, Tanis

Thebes Contemporary: Pharaoh Takelot II, Coup Leader Pharaohs Pedubast I and Iuput I, and Pharaoh Shoshenq VI

Pharaoh Shoshenq IV

Parents: Unknown; Born: Unknown; Spouse: Unknown; Children: Unknown; Throne Name: Hedjkheperre-Setepenre; Reign: 798–785 BC; Died: 785BC; Buried: NRT5
Thebes Contemporary: Pharaoh Osorkon III

Pharaoh Pami

Parents: Unknown; Born: Unknown; Spouse: Unknown; Children: Pharaoh Shoshenq V; 
Throne Name: Usermaatre-Setepenamun; Reign: 785–778 BC; Died: 778BC; Notes: Buried 2 Apis Bulls. To learn more about the Serapeum, click here
Thebes Contemporary: Pharaoh Osorkon III 

Pharaoh Shoshenq V

Parents: Pharaoh Pami; Born: Unknown; Spouse: Tadibast III; Children: Pharaoh Osorkon IV; Throne Name: Akheperre; Reign: 778–740 BC; Died: 740BC
Thebes Contemporary: Pharaoh Osorkon III, Pharaoh Takelot III, Pharaoh Rudamun and Pharaoh Shoshenq VII

Pharaoh Pedubast II

Parents: Unknown; Born: Unknown; Spouse: Unknown; Children: Unknown; Throne Name: Sehetepibenre; Reign: 740-730 BC; Died: Unknown; Notes: He is not mentioned in the Pharaoh lists. His reign order is disputed
Thebes Contemporary: Pharaoh Shoshenq

Pharaoh Osorkon IV

Parents: Tadibast III and Pharaoh Shoshenq V; Born: Unknown; Spouse & Children: Unknown; Throne Name: Usermaatre; Reign: 730-716 BC; Died: 716BC
Thebes Contemporary: Pharaoh Shoshenq VII and Pharaoh Ini


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