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What is the Crown?

What is Ancient Egypt?

Lower Egypt, the North of Egypt today, was represented by the Red Crown named Deshret.  Upper Egypt, the South of Egypt today, was represented by the White Crown named Hedjet.  Both Crowns together were called the Pschent, although the Egyptians usually called it Sekhemty or “the 2 Powerful Ones” and this represented the Pharaoh’s power over the unified Egypt.  The 2 patron animals were the Wadjet and the Nekhbet – attached to the front of the Pschent and referred to as the Two Ladies.

Deshret Crown

Hedjet Crown

Pschent Crown

The combining of the 2 Crowns is associated with 1st First Dynasty Pharaoh Menes.  Although 1st First Dynasty Pharaoh Djet was the first portrayed as wearing it.

The Blue Crown is the Crown worn as a “helmet” for war and was known as the Kepresh.

No actual Crowns in any form have survived to be excavated so all forms are known and studied from paintings, writings and sculptures.

The Double Crown is usually worn in depictions by the Gods Horus, Atum or Ra. All of which show the special relationship between the deity and the Pharaoh.

Image to Left: Statue of Pharaoh Tutankhamun wearing the Blue War Crown, the Kepresh.


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