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Egyptian Museum, Tahrir Square

Cairo - Capital Cities

What: The Museum of Egyptian Antiquities or The Egyptian Museum. Home to the largest collection of Pharaonic   antiquities

Where: Tahrir Square, Cairo

When: 1902 to date

Who: Built in 1901 by an Italian construction company, by French Architect Marcel Dourgnon


The original site for the Museum was near the Ezbekevah Garden in Central Cairo in 1835; before moving to the Citadel and then to Boulaq, Giza in 1858

Regrettably, the warehouse that was housing some of the objects were flooded by the Nile in 1878 and so the artefacts were moved within the suburb of Giza to a former Royal Palace in 1891

Their permanent home in Tahrir Square was constructed in 1901 and the artefacts were finally housed here in 1902


History in the Making

The latest movement for the collection will be completed in 2022/2023 when the new Grand Egyptian Museum in Giza is completed

However, the Egyptian Museum will not be retired, but after being refurbished, it will be reawakened with specific projects and for specialised displays

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