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The Medjay

The Military

The Medjay’s are thought to originally be a semi-nomadic primarily ethnic desert group from the Second Cataract in Nubia to Egypt’s South. They appear to have immigrated to Egypt and lived there for some time before they were recognised for their paramilitary skills.

It was not until the Middle Kingdom Period when the Medjay came to the forefront of society as feared warriors as they had assisted with the Egyptian Pharaoh’s retaking of the whole country from the Hyksos who had ruled Lower Egypt.

By the New Kingdom Period’s 18th Dynasty, they had formed into an elite paramilitary force who were utilised by the Pharaohs to protect Royal Palace, Capital Cities, Royal Tombs in the Valleys in Thebes, Egypt’s Borders, other Royal Cemeteries, and regionally through Lower and Upper Egypt as Police.

Perhaps what they are best known for, maybe thanks to modern films, is that Pharaoh and the Royal Family hired the Medjay to be their personal bodyguards. Their status was reflected on their uniform as they all wore Eye of Horus, Wadjet, Badges so they could be instantly recognised and respected.

After Dynasty 20 the word for Medjay does not appear in the records that Archaeologists and Historians have found to date. So far, there is no complete record of what happened to the Medjay after this point.

Pan Graves have been assigned to the Medjay. These are Graves which are circular in shape and shallow in nature which always contain black topped red bowls


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