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Tomb Recreation in Sharm el Sheikh Museum

Sharm el Sheikh Museum - Museums

Inside the Museum in Sharm el Sheikh the Curators have recreated an Ancient Tomb. Click on the Image below to visit the relevant Page and walk through the Ancient Tomb with us

Entering the Tomb

Walk into the Tomb where you are greeted by God Annubis, see the False Door and learn what a Reserve Head is . . . Click on the Image to enter!

What's Inside? Tomb Goods

Coffins, Reliefs, Jars and Furniture . . . Click on the Image to exlpore!

Shabtis and Canopic Jars

The Servants of the deceased and the grisslier side of Mummification rituals . . . Click on the Image to Investigate!

Coffin Sets

View the inter stacking Coffin Sets . . . Click on the Image to explore!

Protection and Sparkles

Click on the Image to see how the ancient Egyptians protected themselves even in death and how some took their jewellery with them after death!

Warning: Images of a Mummy

Remains of Maat Ka Re Mutemhat . . . Click on the Image to Investigate!


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