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Taking the Throne

Ramses the Great - The Pharaohs - The People

The Infamous Pharaoh who built many of the best known Monuments that remain standing today

Ascension to the Throne

Calculations give us the year of 1279 BC as when Ramses became Pharaoh Ramses II in the year when he was 24 years old, and he immediately raised his wife, Nefertari to be his Great Royal Wife. Reportedly their first Royal Act was to visit Thebes for the Opet Festival to witness the Theban Triad visiting the Temple of Luxor from their homes at the Temple of Karnak. For more information about the Opet Festival, click here. On their return journey they visited Ramses late father’s Temple which was being constructed at Abydos. To see the Great Temple of Seti I at Abydos, click here.

As could be expected from a Pharaoh that is now labelled “great”, Ramses commenced his reign with the same vigour that he would carry throughout by not only initiating Military Campaigns but also by carrying out massive Building Campaigns.

Ground was broken at the site which was to become his new Capital City, Pi Ramses, to visit, click here; at the same time work to finish his father’s Hypostyle Hall additions to Karnak Temple were recommissioned and he added his own commissions to the Temple with the special touch of ensuring that the carvings of his names in their Cartouche were etched extra deeply dissuading most future Pharaohs from dislodging his name from his building achievements. To see the finished masterpiece at Karnak Temple, click here.


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