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The Builders - Builders & Buildings

Who are the people who decorated this Ancient Civilisation?

Tomb Artisans

First come the apprenticed Artisans who plastered the Walls before inking the gridlines . . . . Click on the Image

Memphite Artisans

The High Priests of Ptah were Master Artisans themselves and were in charge of the decoration, and sometimes more, of the Royal’s Temples and Funerary Complexes. Click on the Image


Raised versus Sunken Reliefs. Click on the Image

The Artisans who decorated the Mudbrick Palaces to make them more regal were the same as the Artisans who decorated the Temples of the Pharaohs. Highly skilled and keenly employed by their Royals it is without doubt that these workers were very much in demand.

Egyptologists will hopefully one day illuminate much more about these hidden figures.

Palace & Temple Artisans


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