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Builders & Buildings

Builders and Buildings

Who are the people who built this Ancient Civilisation?


How was the Egypt we can explore today built?

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The Builders

Architects and
Seasonal Workers

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The Buildings

The Djed, Temples,
Forts, Obelisks,
Sphinx, Palaces,
Statues and
Boats of the Deities

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The Djed

The Djed can be written; The Djed can be spoken of; The Djed is the very concept of stability;  The Djed is the durability of Royalty, the Priesthood and Egypt itself

What: described as God Osiris’ backbone; and the Tamarisk Tree which enclosed him; and 4 pillars rising behind each other; and fertility pole raised at festivals

Who: the God Osiris

Why: the symbol for stability

Written as hieroglyphs showing that the Djed were pillars holding up the sky. Click here for more information.


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