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The Builders - Builders & Buildings
  • Paper: Made from Papyrus Reeds being beaten together and was eventually traded with Greece and Rome
  • Beginning of Modern Medicine:  Hippocrates, Herophilus, Erasistratus and Galen all studied medicine at the Temple of Amenhotep in Egypt
  • Geometry: From the limited amount of Papyrus that remain on the subject, we can be confident that the Egyptians had determined the Surface Area and Volume of 3D Shapes (probably to work out the volume needed to be removed in order to create a Tomb), numerical systems for math problems, including algebra and quadratic equations
  • The Water Screw:  Now known as the Archimedes Screw. It is a method of raising water from lower to a higher area usually from the low-lying Nile River into higher Irrigation Ditches in the Fields
  • Glass Beads:  The winding of molten glass around a metal bar for decoration and jewellery
  • 365 Day Year Gave us the Year we currently use. They did this by watching the summer and winter solstices and how long it took the sun to move between those spots
  • First Medical Treatment Manual: The now called ‘Edwin Smith Papyrus’ is a textbook on surgery and outlines anatomical details, including how to examine, diagnose and treat a number of ailments
  • Solving First Algebraic Equations: The Egyptians were the first to develop and solve first Algebraic Equations
  • Wooden and Gilded Furniture: Specialist Carving and then decorating of Stools, Tables and Beds
  • Neuroscience: The Egyptian discoveries of Neuroscience was described in the Edwin Smith Papyrus. It is the earliest document which attempts to describe and analyze the brain

                                                            10 = Hobble for Cattle

                                                            100 = Coiled Rope

                                                            1,000 = Lotus Flower

                                                            10,000 = Finger

                                                            100,000 = Frog

                                                            1,000,000 = God with raised hands

  • Dentistry:  Evidence has been found that dentistry surgeries were performed as early as the 4th Dynasty
  • Ramps for Building Works: A new system of building and decorating in one supportive ramp method. Click here to see a remaining Ramp behind the First Pylon at Karnak Temple        
  • The Civil Calendar: Twelve 30-day months, plus 5 days, which we still base our years on today
  • Glass Jars and Bottles: These were specifically using the core-formed method
  • Balanced Diet and Nutrition: Understanding that to be healthy they needed to eat healthily
  • Surveying: In order to best arrange any building, specifically the Pyramids on the Giza Necropolis which are lined up on the North-South orientation
  • Creation of 24 Hours in 1 Day: The Proof for this was found on the Sundial on Pharaoh Seti I’s Cenotaph
  • Diagnoses and Removal of Tumours: How to diagnose and remove tumours within the body
  • Insulation System: The Insulations System used reeds and clay on the houses which served to keep out the heat and the cold very effectively
  • Paddle-driven water-lifting wheels: A method of raising water from lower to a higher area usually from the low-lying Nile River into higher Irrigation Ditches in the Fields
  • Surgical Implements: The Egyptians invented and used surgical implements which we would recognise today, including: Knives, hooks, forceps, spoons, saws, scales, drills and pincers
  • Creation and Use of Prosthetics: Artificial toes and eyeballs were replaced with Prosthetics
  • Creation of the role of Doctors: Female and Male Doctors were both employed by the Royal Families, publicly and privately
  • Aerodynamics for sail construction: The earlier Egyptian sails were placed to catch the wind and push the boat forward. Later Egyptian sails were built with the recognition that ships could sail against the wind using the lift of the sails
  • Pharmacology: The Egyptians learned that natural items combined together could assist the body in regard to heart medication and other ailments, these remain the basis of our modern medicine today
  • Drainage Canals: To reduce the flooding from the Nile and put the flood waters where they could be best used
  • Diagnoses and treatment of Gynaecological Issues: How to diagnose and treat women’s gynaecological issues, including fertility issues
  • Stern mounted rudders: Boats which took advantage of the first Stern mounted rudders. Click here to see the Boats which the ancients used on the Nile which are still being used today  

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