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Amarna, Horizon of the Aten

Capital Cities

Akhetaten, Horizon of the Aten

The City of Pharaoh Akhetaten and Great Royal Wife, Nefertiti

Important Names

Who lived in Akhetaten, Amarna?

The City

What was in the City?

The Palaces

How many Palaces were in Amarna?

The Temples

The Great Temple of Aten 

The Gem Aten or Long Temple 

Nefertiti’s Sun Temple


Pharaoh Amenhotep IV – Pharaoh Akhenaten

Learn about the Pharaoh who attempted to change the whole religious outlook for Ancient Egypt

Great Royal Wife Nefertiti

Queen Consort of Egypt: Lady of Grace and Sweet of Love; Lady of The Two Lands;  Great King’s Wife, his beloved; Lady of All Women; and Mistress of Upper and Lower Egypt”

The Royal Family

Who were the Royals of Amarna?


There are 25 Tombs: 6 in the North for senior Officials & 19 in the South


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