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The Palaces

Amarna - Capital Cities

Who: Conceptualised and built by Pharaoh Akhenaten

What: Capital city of Egypt and became home to 30,000 people  

When: 18th Dynasty – Built between 1348 – 1344 BC: abandoned after Pharaoh Akhenaten’s death 1336 BC and destroyed on Pharaoh Horemheb’s Order approx. 1320 BC

Where: 312km South of Cairo and 402km North of Luxor

Northern Riverside Palace


This Palace is located near Stelae X between the Nile and the cliffs and has subsequently eroded away, but from inscriptions it is thought that Pharaoh and the Royal Family lived here in relative privacy

They would use the River Nile to travel between all other areas of the City

: 1 mile to the North of the central Great Palace on the eastern side of the Royal Road

Who: Pharaoh Akhenaten commissioned it for Princess Meryetaten, his eldest daughter, who was responsible for running Pharaoh’s house


Above the entrance, Egyptologists believe that there was a Window of Appearance

East side: 1st Courtyard maybe a shrine to the God Aten

West side: 1st Courtyard were Storerooms or Offices

East side: 2nd Courtyard were Stables and Animal Houses

West side: 2nd Courtyard were Kitchens and Workshops

In the 2nd Courtyard there have been Tree pits found and in its center was a large Basin Well

At the rear of the building, in the centre was the Throne Room Complex, to the Eastern side there was the Garden Court and to the Western side there was the Staff Quarters

The Great Palace

Interpretation of what the Great Palace may have looked like

Thought to the Palace where emissaries were received and used as a daily place of work rather than a Palace where the Royal Family would live


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