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Queen Sitre

Great Royal Wives - The People

Titles: “Hereditary Princess”; “Great Royal Wife”, “Great King’s Wife”, “His Beloved” and “Queen” of Pharaoh Ramses I; “Lady of the Two Lands”; “Mistress of Upper and Lower Egypt”; “King’s Mother” and “Great Royal Mother” of Pharaoh Seti I; “God’s Mother”

Period: 19th Dynasty

Story: Tia and Paramessu were married before they took power and changed their names to Sitre and Ramses respectfully.

Before coming to the Throne of Egypt at the end of his lifespan, Ramses I, was Vizier for Pharaoh Horemheb and so he was poised to take over power as Vizier’s are second only in terms of power to the Pharaoh. For more information about Viziers, click here.  

Unfortunately, Pharaoh Ramses I only reigned for approx. 2 years before peacefully handing the Crowns of Egypt down to his son Pharaoh Seti I. This would have been seen as a relief to those who remembered the upheaval of the reign of Pharaoh Akhenaten and then the removal of his policies under the reigns of Pharaoh Tutankhamun, Pharaoh Ay and Pharaoh Horemheb.

Queen Sitre at this juncture would have ceased to use the Title “Great Royal Wife” and now moved to the Title of “King’s Mother” and “Great Royal Mother”

Photograph to right is of the unfinished decoration in Tomb QV38.


To discover the Tomb of Queen Sitre in the Valley of the Queens in the Theban Hills, click on the image


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