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Abydos Temple of Pharaoh Ramses II

Abydos - Capital Cities

The Temple of Pharaoh Ramses II stands at about half the size next to his father’s larger Temple, Pharaoh Seti I’s Great Temple, click here to visit.

Little remains of the Temple above 2 meters in height; the remains that are still visible show his Battles against the Hittites on the exterior and a Sacrificial Procession of Animals to the God Osiris on the interior Walls. The Temple is dedicated to God Osiris and his Cult which was in full religious bloom when this Temple was erected in the New Kingdom. Entering the Limestone erected Temple leads you into a Forecourt which had Sandstone Columns near its outer Walls which at one point had Osiris figures on them. The Inner sanctuary was made from Alabaster whilst the Doors were etched from Red and Black Granite.


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