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Crown Princess Nefertiti

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Born: Approximately 1370 BC, potentially in Thebes
Parents: Unknown
Sibling: Only known one was Mutbenret
Spouse: At Malkata: Crown Prince Amenhotep
Died: Approximately 1330 BC in Amarna

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Nefertiti married her husband, Crown Prince Amenhotep whilst his father and mother, Pharaoh Amenhotep III and Great Royal Wife Queen Tiye, lived in the Malkata City Palace Complex. 

It can be assumed that the royal Prince and Princess lived with his parents for the majority of their early marriage either here at Malkata or at Memphis when Prince Amenhotep was studying there with the Priests of Ptah. 

Egyptologists do know that after ascending to the Throne, now Pharaoh Amenhotep IV, continued to reside with his mother and his wife at the Malkata City Palace Complex.  



  • The Mansion of the Benben was dedicated to her directly; within she is shown in both the traditional form as assisting Pharaoh with offerings; but in some reliefs she is shown in the Pharaoh’s role; perhaps showing an early element in their more equal relationship than ever shown before between Pharaoh and Great Royal Wife
  • Royal Butler Parennefer’s Tomb (TT188) where newly enthroned Amenhotep IV is accompanied by his Royal Wife which seems to depict Nefertiti

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