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Saqqara Tombs

Saqqara - The Places

Tomb of Pharaoh Hotepsekhemwy
or his successor Pharaoh Nebra

 An Underground Gallery named “Tomb B” was found underneath the Funeral Passage of the Pharaoh Unas’ Necropolis and is from the 2nd Dynasty Period during which both Pharaoh reigned.

Tomb of Pharaoh Nynetjer

 An Underground Gallery Tomb which has a similar architectural outlook as Tomb B. It was later reused as a burial for a woman’s coffin from the Ramesside Period.

The Tomb is located underneath the Cortege Passage for Pharaoh Unas’ Necropolis and dates from the 2nd Dynasty. It’s Entrance Ramp leads down for 25m in to 3 galleries which are aligned East-West.

It then extends into a maze-like system of doorways, vestibules and corridors. Inside the Tomb were discovered wine and beer jars, 56 Flint Knives, 44 Razors and 44 further blades.

Tomb of Ptahmes
Official from the Court of Pharaoh Seti I and Pharaoh Ramses II


Ptahmes had roles which include: “Mayor of Memphis”, “High Priest of Amun in Karnak”, “Army Chief”, “Overseer of the Treasury” and “Royal Scribe”.

The Tomb is found aside the Pyramid of Pharaoh Unas during the 19th Dynasty but to date Ptahmes’ Sarcophagus has not yet been located.

The Tomb held jars one of which holds the oldest solid cheese ever discovered. It also boasts several Chapels in its 70m long array.


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