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The People

Music was an essential part of the ancient life in Egypt. It was used daily within the Temple, the home and the Royal Palaces and as a celebration in Festivals and other marked events. Music was believed to be a way of Priests and Priestesses joining in communion with their Deities, especially those whose Statues lived in their earthly shrines. Click here to learn more about the Statues of the Deities

Wind Instruments: Shepherd’s Pipe, Double Pipe, Clarinet, Flute, Mizmar and Trumpet

Percussion Instruments: Round Tambourine, Rectangular Tambourine, the Tar Drum, African Double Drums, Sistrum, Rattles, Brass Cymbals and Wooden Clappers

Stringed Instruments: Short Harp, Long Harp, Lyres, Short Lute and the Long Lute 

God Thoth was the creator of Rhythms and Melodies


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