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Theban Temples

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Isis Temple

Click on the Image to visit Isis Temple at Deir el-Shelwit in Thebes. A Roman Period built Temple to the Goddess Isis.

Siptah Temple

Located on the West Bank of Thebes, Siptah Temple was commissioned by 19th Dynasty Pharaoh Siptah. What the Temple was used for, who it was dedicated to is unknown. It appears that Pharaoh Siptah’s successor, the female Pharaoh Tausret commissioned another Temple to be placed nearby but again we know little to nothing about this Temple or who it was dedicated to.

Amun Temple, Malkata

Click on the image to visit the Temple of Amun found inside the Malkata Palace City Complex. Commissioned by Pharaoh Amenhotep III who used the Temple for his  2nd and 3rd Heb Sed Festivals.

Luxor Temple


Karnak Temple